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Webisode 1

COMAPILOT - first day of recording with Tue Madsen.


Webisode 2

Recording at Antfarm Studio.


Webisode 3

Rehearsing for mini-tour Summer 2010.


Webisode 4

Photosession with Mathias Vestergaard at Yellow Cock Studio, Aarhus.


Webisode 5

Recording Guitars in BugPalace Studio, Aarhus.


Webisode 6

Christmas 2010.


Webisode 7

COMAPILOT live at Vestergade58 at the 24th of February 2011.


Webisode 8

In march 2011 COMAPILOT supported Carpark North on their DK Tour.


Webisode 9

Have you ever wondered what happens the minutes before a show? Check it out!!