COMAPILOT plays at Backstage Aarhus on the 26th of October at the GFRock Festival.


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COMAPILOT plays Von Hatten (Randers) together with The Army


COMAPILOT plays Von Hatten (Randers) the 14th of September. This time together with The Army. It's gonna be pure rock!!


Von Hatten, Saturday September 14th





Copenhagen! COMAPILOT is coming to town!


KB18, Thursday February 28th at 21.00.


Come ROCK with us!!


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Today is the day


Today is the day!! The album is out!!


You can get it in every music store near you, iTunes, Amazon or whereever you prefer..

Buy the album on iMusic.dk
Buy the album on Amazon.com

Buy the album on iTunes



Preorder the album


Now you can pre-order the album and recieve it on the 29th October.

Pre-order the album on iMusic.dk
Pre-order the album on Amazon.com


Album release Party & Concert


You are invited to the COMAPILOT release concert/party,

Friday November 2nd at Backstage Aarhus.


Doors open at 20:00.


You can also join the party at Facebook HERE



Album releasedate announcement


We are very happy to announce that we will release our debut album on the 29th of October 2012.


We have worked on the album since the spring of 2010 and at that time we didn’t even know the name of the band. In the process of making the album we have written and recorded almost 70 songs (which is the same as 6-7 albums), so we haven’t been lazy at all.


Later in 2010 we found Tue Madsen and began to work with him. We went back and forth from our own Bug Palace Studio, where we recorded most of the material, and to Antfarm Studio, where Tue produced and mixed the songs. It has been a long but very creative process, which we hope you will be able to hear on the final album.


The album will be available on CD, Digital Download at iTunes, Streaming at Spotify and Wimp. We are also planning a vinyl release - more about that later.


COMAPILOT is counting down...for what? An album release date?


It won't be long now!


An album releasedate is coming closer, and in a short while we will announce the date on this very site - so stay tuned!!!


Welcome to the new website


We are proud to present to you the brand new COMAPILOT website.


Here we will keep you updated with the latest COMAPILOT news, photos, videos and of course music.


Take a look around - hope you enjoy :-)


SPOT Warm-Up Showcase: COMAPILOT and Everybody Loves Drums


COMAPILOT plays together with Everybody Loves Drums at the SPOT warm-up showcase on Thursday, 3th May, @ 9:30pm, at Backstage Aarhus.

f you wanna be on the guestlist at the COMAPILOT + Everybody Loves Drums showcase this Thursday, 3th May, @ 9:30, at Backstage Aarhus, you have to write an email to spot@comapilot.com or print the flyer from HERE.


You can also join the party at the Facebook page HERE.


We hope to see you at the showcase!!


Aarhus here we come



Friday the 13.th of April.


Mejlgade 53

8000 Aarhus



Come ROCK with us!!


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Mastering the album


Back in Antfarm Studios with Tue Madsen finalizing and mastering the entire album!


It's really exiting, and we anticipate to put it out later this fall - can't wait for you guys to hear it - it's awesome :-)


Last recordings


We will do the last recordings this week - mostly vocals. Next week we're back together with Tue Madsen, mixing the entire album at Antfarm Studios. The album gonna be killer!!!


Stay tuned and enjoy the Dead Men Don't Walk video :-)


Pics from Brandbjerg Festival 2011


Take a look at the Facebook gallery from COMAPILOTs concert at Brandbjerg Festival 2011.

It was an honor to play a great set of rock'n’roll music for you!!

:See the photos here

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New live video ready for you!


Another live video ready for you!!

We recorded our show at Pentagaarden Festival this summer. Then added some extra footage from some of our other concerts in 2011.

: Check it out here

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New Webisode


Hi Guys,

We have uploaded a new webisode recorded during our 3 days DK tour together with Carpark North back in March. A BIG thank you to all the great people who came to the concerts. It was a lot of fun!!!

: See the webisode here

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Win COMAPILOT t-shirts


Vi udlodder 3 stk. COMAPILOT t-shirts!

For at deltage i lodtrækningen skal du først og fremmest ‘synes godt om’ COMAPILOT på www.facebook.com/comapilot. Bagefter skriver du en email til comapilot@comapilot.com og oplyser dit FB profil navn – så vi kan tjekke at du kan li os . Skriv ‘T-SHIRT’ i emnefeltet.

That’s all!!

VINDERNE er fundet og det blev: Josephine Almind, Bo Bjerregaard og Lisa Iversen Damm. Tillykke!!!

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COMAPILOT supports Carpark North


COMAPILOT will support Carpark North on their DK Tour.

17.03.11    Sønderborghus, Sønderborg
18.03.11    Skive Teater, Skive
19.03.11    Musikhuzet Rønne, Bornholm

: Listen to COMAPILOT music here

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Download the COMAPILOT single
‘Dead Men Don’t Walk’


The single is produced by legendary hardrock-producer Tue Madsen (Sick Of It All, Halford, The Haunted, Hatesphere, Mnemic).

The inspiration derives mainly from the late 60’s and the 70’s. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Doors and Cream are all bands that COMAPILOT owe a great deal.

The guitars are tuned way down low giving way to the so-called ”Sound of Brown”. This should also give you a little hint of what is going on here: A Classic Rock outfit with one voice, two guitars, bass and drums – that’s all you need, really!!!

: Download ‘Dead Men Don’t Walk’ HERE.